EGESYS develops and implements successful business mentoring and mentor training programs in Turkey. The company provides complementary solutions that help organizations run more effectively mentoring programs. Mentoring solutions offered by EGESYS include:

•         R&D and Innovation Mentoring Program for SME’s (ArGeMentor)
ArGeMentor is a mentoring program for SMEs and developed by EGESYS in response to TUBITAK’s (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) call to increase the R&D and innovation capacities of SMEs in Turkey. The program is designed to supporting the R&D projects of SME’s through the knowledge and experience of the mentors.

•         Mentor Training Programs (KOBIMEN Academy)
KOBIMEN Academy Business Mentor Training and Certification Program is developed by EGESYS in collaboration with EMCC Turkey and supported by TUBITAK. It is a comprehensive program that combines online training, face-to-face workshops and on-the-job practice.  The aim of the program is to create a national pool of business mentors who will provide support on growth opportunities and possibilities of financial and other support services to SME's. Since opening in 2015, KOBIMEN Academy has trained hundreds of business mentors in Turkey.

•         ArGeMentor MMS - Mentoring Software
ArGeMentor Mentoring Software allows organizations to manage mentoring programs online. From business and startups mentoring to workplace mentoring, ArGeMentor can be used for all kinds of mentoring programs. It has useful features and intelligent tools that make it easier to start and manage mentoring programs.

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