ArGeMentorĀ® Mentoring Software

Always on and remote access

All you need to access the mentoring platform is an internet connection. It is accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere. 

Dynamic program settings

You can define your mentoring program parameters dynamically (program start-end dates, mentor-mentee selection criteria, matching criteria, mentor-mentee meeting and reporting intervals).

Mentor/Mentee profiles

Mentor and Mentee profiles include their gender, full name, address, telephone, education, biography, photos and other information. Mentors and mentees can update their profiles after matching process.

Mentor / Mentee matching score

The best matching candidate mentors are listed with their scores for the mentees. The recommended list is sorted from best to least suitable mentor.

Intelligent matching

Hundreds of mentor and mentee matching with smart algorithm based on matching criteria within a short time.

Mentor / Mentee progress reporting

The mentors and mentees can report their meeting progresses in the platform.

Program monitoring

The program managers can monitor mentors, mentees, matches, progress reports & more.

Documents library

The documents uploaded by the program managers to the library are available to the mentors and mentees.

Bulk messages

The program managers/administrators can send bulk messages to mentors or mentees or all users.

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